Banbury Kids Program & Camp

Welcome to Banbury Kids Program & Camp. We are very excited about the upcoming summer at Banbury Kids Camp. We have been working hard all winter and have some wonderful things planned for this year. Some old favorites are returning and some new programs will be introduced for the first time.

Centrally located at Banbury Community Centre, we are surrounded by scenic wooded parkland, a river with ducks, 4 tennis courts, 2 playgrounds, a giant sandbox, and a playing field. This rustic setting is ideal for a day camp.

We strive to make Banbury Kids Camp one of the safest around. Please help in our effort to keep the kids healthy and out of harm’s way. Take a moment to read over this page so that your child and others will have a great time at camp.


Peanut and tree-nut products can cause allergic reactions in some campers. In the case where the camper is anaphylactic, the condition is LIFE-THREATENING. A number of the children at Banbury Kids Camp have this life-threatening allergy to peanuts, peanut oils or certain food additives.

In order to ensure a safe environment for these children, we request that you do not send any products containing NUTS, PEANUTS AND PEANUT OILS. Please read all labels for ingredient listings (i.e. Miss Vicky Potato Chips contain peanut oil). Please do not send any foods in a wrapper that states “made in a facility that makes other products with nuts” or “may contain traces of nuts”.

Please support us in our attempt to provide the safest measures for all children.

Help us to make this a PEANUT-FREE CAMP!!!!!

Please note: Two epi-pens (whose expiry date is post- summer) must be brought to camp for any child who may require their use. One epi-pen will be kept in the camp office and the other will be kept on the body of the camper (or carried by a counselor with the group).


Based on the phenomenon of head lice at schools, youth sports programs or any other setting where children congregate, parents should not be shocked to hear that the pesky problem shows up at summer camps as well.

· Starting two weeks before camp, do a head lice examination of your child.
· If you find lice, treat it immediately and appropriately.
· Check again every day or so, and treat it again at least two days before camp.

Similar to schools that do not permit students to return to class if they have lice, we will reserve the right to send campers home if they have lice when they arrive at camp.


At Banbury Kids Camp we encourage the campers and their parents to be SUNSMART. Sun hats are a must every day. It is the parent’s responsibility to apply sunscreen prior to departure for camp each morning. A bottle of sunscreen (labeled) should be left in your child’s knapsack to be reapplied when necessary. Please send a water bottle with your camper daily.

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