Don Mills Family Health Team

Like all Family Health Teams in the province, the Don Mills Family Health Team (DMFHT) is established to ensure that you receive the full range of health care services and health promotion programs over extended hours in the local community.

The Don Mills Family Health Team is an innovative provider of primary health care programs and services for the residents of Don Mills and surrounding neighbourhoods in Toronto.  We bring together different health care professionals to co-ordinate and deliver the highest possible quality of care to you – our patients – and to promote healthy living.

The Don Mills Family Health Team (DMFHT) is committed to delivering quality interdisciplinary primary health care programs and services that meet community needs.  These programs and services include:

Primary Health Care
Comprehensive, continuing primary care:  The DMFHT provides patients with comprehensive, continuing primary care through visits with physicians and nurse practitioners at the Team’s medical offices on Gervais Drive.  (A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice nurse who has completed medical training beyond that of a registered nurse and can perform many of the functions traditionally carried out by doctors).  These health care professionals provide the core primary care services of illness assessment, diagnosis and treatment.  They also provide patients with health education, vaccinations, wound care, primary maternity care and rehabilitation services to patients.

Chronic disease management:  A major aspect of primary health care is supporting the ongoing management of chronic diseases.  Chronic diseases (illnesses or conditions) include cardiovascular (heart) diseases such as hypertension and stroke, respiratory diseases such as asthma and sleep apnea, musculoskeletal diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, and other diseases such as diabetes and chronic depression.  The DMFHT’s health care professionals are specially trained to provide education, ongoing monitoring and support to patients and their families in the management/self-management of chronic diseases.  The focus is on preventing or decreasing the incidence of complications associated with chronic diseases.

Home visits:  As part of primary health care, the DMFHT’s health care professionals will provide home visits for elderly patients with complex medical conditions, and will assist in designing a home care plan and service for seniors.  They will also provide/coordinate palliative care at home for terminally ill patients.

Seniors/Geriatric Care
As part of its focus on seniors, the DMFHT teaches chronic disease management/ treatment skills to elderly patients and their families, and provides falls prevention information, independent living support and mental health support.  These programs are delivered through interdisciplinary clinics and workshops at the DMFHT’s medical offices on Gervais Drive or elsewhere within the community, as appropriate.

Healthy New Canadians Programs
The DMFHT provides a variety of health care programs focused on the unique needs of immigrants (individuals and families).  The design of these programs takes into account the ethnic, cultural and/or socio-economic background of immigrant patients and their families as well as the social and other support networks available to them in Canada.  Taken together, these factors (the so-called “social determinants of health”) will influence the health of various population groups in Canada and their risk of developing certain chronic diseases or illnesses.  The DMFHT’s Healthy New Canadians programs include the coordination of patient recalls in support of early disease detection and screening, health and wellness education programs, and mental health counselling.  Group programs include resettlement mental health support.

Moms and Tots Clinic
A moms and tots clinic supports marginalized mothers by coordinating well baby care and immunizations for young children (infants to toddlers).

Mental Health Programs
As part of its comprehensive, integrated approach to health care, the DMFHT offers individual and group mental health counselling. Group counselling is available to those with addictions who are willing to share their experiences and learn from and with others.

Health Promotion and Prevention Programs
As it grows, the DMFHT will offer a larger number of health literacy, smoking cessation, and healthy eating and cooking programs to patients.


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