Hawthorn School for Girls

Hawthorn School for Girls is the only independent, Catholic, all-girl school in Toronto. We are also the only girls’ school that provides a ‘small-school experience’, where each girl is known, participates and flourishes in every aspect of school life.

In 1989, a group of parents and educators founded a school specifically for the purpose of educating the whole person. The founders dreamed of a school that would recognize parents as the first and most important educators in their children’s lives. They envisioned equal priority being given to the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of character.

 Today, Hawthorn School for Girls is part of an international network of similar schools that provide an integral education. 


Hawthorn School for Girls strives to build well-rounded young women through a classical liberal arts curriculum that is university preparatory. The three main aims of the academic program are to build cultural literacy, to develop critical reasoning skills and to aid in the growth of virtue. A strong foundation of language arts and mathematics is emphasized in Lower School. Mandatory courses in Philosophy, Latin, Ethics and World History in the Upper School round out the Language, Math, Science, and Arts programs.

The Hawthorn School for Girls Difference

Hawthorn is a smaller school that will make a big difference in a girl’s life, one student at a time. It is a unique place that explores each girl’s potential in a smaller learning environment that knows them individually and recognizes and responds to their needs alone.

Hawthorn’s all girls environment, small class sizes, and one of the lowest student-to-teacher ratios in the country, provides a unique kind of student-by-student learning that is proven to differentially prepare students for reaching and succeeding in the next phase of their learning-and beyond.

We respect our students and their family’s shared goals and not only do we pride ourselves on preparing them for a post-secondary education, with a 100% university acceptance rate, but in helping them to succeed in their life’s path – no matter what it may be. Our Classical Liberal Arts Education provides cultural literacy, critical reasoning skills and aid in the growth of virtue in a smaller school environment that allows teachers and mentors to know every girl, and identify and acknowledge a student’s -own interests and abilities that promotes a truly- individualized education and grants every girl to leave a mark in her own way.

Our goal is to make a difference in each girl’s life and we take that to heart. Although what the Hawthorn Difference will mean for each girl will depend on their individual needs and goals, the way it is delivered is set upon a common foundation of five key pillars: Pursuit of Excellence in Education, Personal Mentorship, Partnership with Parents, Leadership through Service, and All Girls Advantage.

One of the ways that we keep making a difference is by listening and changing, but not only the requirements of an increasing competitive and complex world – but by listening to and working together with parents. Hawthorn was founded upon the principal belief that parents are the primary educators of their children, an our commitment to educate together in partnership with them, is part of what continues to make Hawthorn different.

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