The Donway Covenant United Church

The Donway Covenant United Church

Over fifty years ago, the new planned community of Don Mills was built on the outskirts of Toronto.  This visionary community attracted many people who were interested in integrating work life, home life, and community life together in a tranquil and woodsy-natural setting.  Many of those first inhabitants were mostly white liberal Protestants who came together to form the United Church which is now The Donway Covenant.  The original character of this congregation was very community minded and still is.  We’re a group of people with tender hearts, open minds, and a desire to serve Jesus’ vision of hope, love and justice for all in God’s Creation.  Most of us are still members of the original group which founded our church, but over the years, Don Mills has gradually welcomed in people from all over the world, and so has our church.  At one Pentecost celebration five years ago, we discovered that there were over 30 different languages spoken by members of our congregation.  As time has gone by, our understanding of God, theology, and community has changed, and is still changing.  We try to deal openly with all people, sometimes we struggle, but always we seek a common good.  As part of our faith journey, in 2014 we formalized our vision to “welcome all” by becoming an Affirming Congregation.  We’re a very human community who look to Jesus for ways to live with grace.  We’d be happy to welcome you, to help us grow in compassion, and understanding, and God’s grace.

Our vision:

  • By being a local Christian church within the United Church of Canada; a community anchor for spiritual exploration and growth where life, worship, knowledge, service and song all contribute to our larger story.
  • By welcoming people of diverse faith, ethnicities, ages and stages of life, physical and mental abilities, economic situation, sexual orientation and gender identities.
  • By caring for all members with compassion, empathy and joy.
  • By acts of service we will reach out to engage and support our community, the country and the world.
  • By building bridges within our community, as a congregation in the most diverse city in the world.
  • By using our facilities for religious, social, cultural, educational or other programs that reflect our values.

Our History

Our congregation is part of The United Church of Canada, a denomination that continues the heritage of our Methodist/Presbyterian and Congregationalist predecessors.  Over the years we have become Canada’s largest Protestant denomination, with more than three million adherents, drawn from every tradition imaginable.

The Donway Covenant United Church was formed in the early 1950s in the brand new community of Don Mills, while Covenant United Church-Oriole started life in the 1960s in the Henry Farm area.  Early in the 1990s, the two congregations merged to form The Donway Covenant United Church, which now serves the greater Don Mills area.

As part of our faith journey, in 2014 we formalized our vision to “welcome all” by working with the support of the Affirm United team to become an Affirming Congregation.

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