The Giles School

The Giles School was founded on the concept of early academic intervention within a bilingual setting. Our highly enriched French immersion academic programme, beginning in Pre-K (age 2), gives Giles School students an education comparable to the best programmes in the world. The school is registered as a charitable organization.

Unique to the Giles School is our enriched French immersion programme, which enables children with no previous French experience to read and write in French by the end of Grade 1. The Giles School is the only school in Canada to offer all of the following:

  • French immersion at the Pre-K level
  • Introduction of a third language (Mandarin) in Grade 1
  • Maximum class size of 16 students or less, depending on grade level
  • Acceptance of students on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Emphasis on a family environment as one of its educational pillars
  • The Giles School pursues international academic excellence by providing a nurturing environment for emotional and intellectual growth, a curriculum based upon the highest international standards and proven methodologies and instills in children a sense of responsibility and confidence to meet the challenges of an ever increasingly complex world.

Message from the Head of School

What Sets the Giles School Apart?

While The Giles School’s method – early academic intervention, French immersion, and third languages – produces impressive academic results, that’s not what makes us stand out most. What sets us apart, and what we’re most proud of, is our commitment to view each of our students as a totally unique individual to be loved, nourished, harnessed and moulded from within.

The Giles School helps children reach their potential by providing them with a stimulating environment that includes a second (and then a third) language, mathematics, science, art and music. This results in an increase in operating intelligence by 20% and is the reason why our students are working 2 or even 3 grades ahead of students in the public (and private) school system.

But more importantly than their academic achievements, Giles School students feel secure in a safe environment that is nurtured with respect, acceptance, high expectation and love. A Giles classroom is animated by democratic principles where every child is socially equal and unique.

Also, we don’t believe in skipping grades and pushing children beyond their emotional capacities, even if they’re academically advanced. Our small class size gives us the flexibility to offer higher-level work to academically advanced students in their assigned class without leaving their peer group. This ensures that each child develops emotionally at a regular pace while catering to the special needs of fast learners.

So if a programme with the highest international standards entrenched in the principles of love and emotional support excites you, welcome to The Giles School! We look forward to seeing your child in our classrooms!

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