Willow Wood School

Willow Wood School has been ahead of the educational curve in recognizing, since its inception, that one size does not fit all.

WillowWood has a long tradition of delivering targeted, personal education which considers each student’s needs, inclinations and strengths. This individualized approach ensures that students are able to discover and embrace their strengths, address their weaknesses, and maintain their dignity. Classes are small, the atmosphere is warm, and the pedagogical approach is holistic.

WillowWood is a family-style school. Students and teachers enjoy friendly, genuine interactions in and out of classes. Students at WillowWood find a remarkable lack of clique-competition and bullying, as students internalize the family feeling.

Conflict is dealt with quickly and fairly, with understanding and through communication whenever possible. Students are given agency and encouraged to set personal goals, to develop self-advocacy and communication skills – all while knowing that help is available for the asking and that assistance provided will respect their dignity. All of this makes WillowWood a great school for a wide variety of students. Reluctant students learn to take chances. Students who feel rudderless are encouraged to find their interests and engage them. Kids who have felt incapable at other schools find themselves flourishing. Anxious students become leaders, lonely students make friends, and all students get a chance to relax and become themselves. Everybody learns.

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