Small Business Lead Generation: The Essential 3 Part System You Need to Know

If the customers aren’t here, then where are they? More importantly, what is a business without its customers?

Imagine walking onto an empty construction site. A deserted dentist office. A street full of uninhabited houses. If the customers aren’t here, then where are they? More importantly, what is a business without its customers?

This is where the concept of lead generation comes in. 

Essentially, it boils down to the way a business can nudge potentially interested customers on their way to action and increase cash flow for itself.  If you are a dentist, and people have aching cavities, it makes no difference to your bottom line until they know that your office is right around the block.

When it comes to small businesses specifically, you don’t have the luxury of time and resources to waste on cold calling people who aren’t interested. Eventually with this strategy, you risk looking like spam rather than a legitimate business.

This is why developing an organic interest in your business is so essential.

Let the customer come to you. Or, at least, give them the appearance that they are coming to you. Give them an offer that is too good to ignore.  This makes them more likely to buy from you while also saving you time and money.

How Does this Work?

It simplifies into a 3 part system that should run on autopilot by the end if it is made well.


The first question any business asks itself is what problem am I solving and who needs this problem solved? Once you know who you are, you can research the people that are looking to find you. Then, you can finally start strategizing on ways to attract them.


There is a basic formula to grabbing potentially interested people’s attention. Present them with a problem; if it is one of your leads it should be a problem they’re looking to solve. Then announce the solution and tell them how to get to it – NOW.

After this, you can begin thinking about the mode in which you present your advertisement. Don’t discount alternative forms of media. Radio may seem outdated, but if for example you can provide a gift to the first 60 people who call in, then it may be a very efficient way especially if you are looking for local consumers. Everyone’s ears perk up a little when they hear the word ‘free’ – use that to your advantage. Make your offer irresistible.


Make sure to set up a system that can record, in as much relevant detail as possible, the results of each of your lead generating efforts. That way you can efficiently prune away what isn’t working while investing more into what is. This should be where the ongoing effort is put in, while the rest of the system should essentially run itself after the initial time investment. It is very important to review it to remain as efficient as possible. Consider setting up a toll free line to direct customers and when they call in offer them a free gift to be emailed to them, that way you can maintain their interest while also gaining more information on them by getting their email address.

This is a basic outline of how to structure your lead generating efforts. Once you have the general idea, you can begin tailoring and customizing various aspects to your specific business to create the strongest lasting impression.

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