Top 5 Marketing Firms in Don Mills:

There are many marketing firms in Don Mills that offer the services your firm may need to grow and succeed.

Toronto is a booming city with a steadily expanding economy. The likes of many popular culture figures like Drake, The Weeknd, Justin Bieber among many others bring more attention to the city than ever before. This provides great confidence to the city’s growing creative industry. As the city continues to prosper it can be one of the most exciting places to be especially as a business owner, however difficulty arises once you realize how hard it’s become to differentiate yourself from the competition. Luckily, Don Mills is a more calm and welcoming community within the busy city. There are many marketing firms in Don Mills that offer the services your firm may need to grow and succeed.

Considering the large range of businesses that exist within Toronto it would make sense that there are different services that appeal to different kinds of business owners. The list below accounts for this and goes over the best marketing firms in the the area.

The 5 Best Marketing Firms in Don Mills

(1) Mystique Brand Communication

Mystique takes a fresh and compelling approach to Marketing by combining the best features of:
(I) A brand development agency
(II) A marketing firm and
(III) A graphic design & web services group.

What They Do: Mystique works with all types of companies in all sorts of capacities depending on their specific needs – from local startups to small/medium-sized businesses, nonprofits and charities to international organizations – helping them find a way to connect emotionally with prospects and customers alike. Their 30 plus years of experience allows them to link your sales and marketing processes into a powerful yet cost-effective brand system to win new customers and expand current customer successes. This makes it one of the most creative and efficient marketing firms in Don Mills.

Main Services: 

  1. Brand Strategy (Brand Audits, Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture, Brand Naming)
  2. Brand Development (Corporate Identity Design, Website Design, Graphic Design & Package Design)
  3. Brand Building (Lead Generation = SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing and Reputation Marketing. Their Brand Building services also include Direct Marketing and Customer Engagement processes)
  4. Brand Management (Brand Metrics and Analytics)


Contact Info: 416.441.2666, 

Location: 885 Don Mills Rd #224, North York, ON M3C 1V9

(2) Miss Web Design

Miss Web Design is a full web design service company. The team consists of highly-skilled professional website designers in Toronto Ontario Canada with years of experience in website design, web application development, databases and graphic design resulted in fulfilling our customer requirements.

What They Do: Miss Web Design delivers user-friendly, reusable, accessible, accurate, and fast solutions for web development and search engine optimization. They also help customers to enhance business operation and visibility on the web and drive traffic to the site. Miss Web Design states that “we design what you want” as customers say the final word in the type of design and colors and feel and look they like to have for their website.

Main Services: 

  1. Custom Website Design (High-End Design, Content Organization, User Interface)
  2. Responsive Design (Cross Platform Interface, Accessibility, Mobile & Tablet Version)
  3. Web Development (HTML/CSS Coding, Implementing functionality, Special effects)
  4. Content Management
  5. Designing ECommerce Websites
  6. SEO (Keyword Research, Link Building, Content Optimization)


Contact Info: 416.825.0824,
Location: 5 Concorde Place, Toronto, ON M3C 3M8

(3) Hooplah Inc
Hooplah is a full service digital advertising agency. Their expertise lies in developing cross-channel strategies that drive real measurable results. It uniquely positions itself to create, execute and optimize custom cross-channel campaigns that engage and inspire online users throughout their entire digital consumer journey.

What They Do: Whether your end goal is awareness, lead generation or growing customer lifetime value– Hooplah ties their continued success and solid reputation within the industry to their unwavering agility and transparency. Hooplah assures customers that they can be found “wherever strategy and creativity meet.”

Main Services: 

  1. Digital Strategy
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Display/Programmatic Ad Designs
  4. Social Media Ad Designs
  5. Creation of Contests/Promotions that best suit your business objective(s)
  6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Video Advertising

Contact Info: 647.696.8304,
Location: 2161 Yonge Street, Unit 208, Toronto, ON M4S 3A6, Canada

(4) SMART Collective

SMART makes it possible for brands to tell their story through exciting, thought-provoking content and have it shown to the right audience without jumping through hoops. Their unique website design displays their creativity as well as personality as they display moving graphics, personal work and podcasts that they have published.

What They Do: SMART is the go-to destination whether you need them to plan, produce, and buy media for a campaign, or just need some pictures taken for social media.

Main Services: 

  1. Branding (Designing Brand Identity, Website Design…)
  2. Social Media Ads (Creating and managing organic and paid ads that align with your brand)
  3. Content Creation (Videos, Photos or Jingles to go with your brand)


Contact Info: 416.231.5226,
Location: 304-40 Wynford Drive, Toronto, Ontario.


(5) Superscope Media

Superscope Media Inc. is a brand innovation company. It was established in 1998 and has since focused on finding the right mix of strategic, creative and technical synergies that can propel brands in the marketplace. They specialize in creating unique and functional web sites, in-store marketing and strong brands. Their innovative and fresh approach results in a unique formula that ensures seamless and positive consumer experience with your brand. Superscope creates a positive brand experience, which in turn, creates loyal customers that see your brand as irreplaceable.

What They Do: Superscope Media began primarily as a web design service provider but has grown to encompass unique and powerful brand creation, implementation and promotion services. Retail/In Store design has also become a large part of Superscope Media Inc.

Main Services: 

  1. Web Design
  2. Marketing
  3. Graphic Design


Contact Info: 416.444.5456,
Location: 1262 Don Mills Rd. Suite 77 Toronto, ON M3B 2W7

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