Use it or re-use it in Don Mills

Clear your space, clear your mind, and find new homes for all of those things you never use anymore!

Are you tired of paying for a storage unit? Still holding onto that futon from University? Does your car sit outside because you can’t get it into the garage? Are you afraid to open the door of your shed?

Clear your space, clear your mind, and find new homes for all of those things you never use anymore!

Not sure where to start? De-cluttering your home can be as easy as picking up the phone or posting on the internet; and there are loads of great resources in, and around, the Don Mills area that are easy to access.

Over the past few years, the City of Toronto has been creating a long term waste reduction strategy that provides a 30-50 year plan for dealing with Toronto waste – the plan is scheduled to go before City Council in July, 2016.

Why is this good for Toronto?  On average, each of us generates 6.8 kgs. of waste and we currently divert 53% of waste from disposal – at this rate Toronto residents would fill the Rogers Centre in 4 years!  The new waste reduction strategy hierarchy calls for Reducing, Reusing, Recycling, Recovery, and lastly, Landfill.  So let’s take a look at all of the amazing ways to follow the “4 R’s” close to home.

Here are some local resources for Reusing, Recycling, and Recovery:

Books, CD’s, and DVD’s

  • Toronto Public Library (888 Lawrence Avenue East at The Donway)
  • check with your neighbourhood school

Computers and Electronics

  • ReBoot Canada (2450 Lawrence Avenue East, near Kennedy)
  • Bermondsey Transfer Station, Electronics Recycling (188 Bermondsey Road, south of Eglinton)

Furniture, Appliances, and Household Items

  • Habitat for Humanity Re-Store (155 Bermondsey Road, south of Eglinton)
  • Salvation Army Thrift Store (1921 Eglinton Avenue East at Warden)
  • Furniture Bank (call 416-934-1229 for pick-up)
  • Value Village (1525 Victoria Park Avenue, north of Eglinton)


  • Toronto Tool Library, to donate or to borrow (1803 Danforth Avenue, west of Woodbine)

Maybe you have some very old things in your garage that you can’t donate?  Don’t throw them out, they could be worth something…


  • Triple M Metal (80 Sinnott Road – Warden/Eglinton), recycles cars, appliances, steel, etc.
  • Manville (107 Manville Road – Warden/Eglinton), recycles copper, aluminum, batteries, e-waste, network equipment, etc.
  • Bermondsey Transfer Station (188 Bermondsey Road, south of Eglinton) collects blue bin items, scrap metal, electronics, household hazardous waste, styrofoam, tires, and more.

Or maybe you just need something repaired…

  •  Repair Cafe hosts repair events every month in different locations throughout the City.  Bring in your small household items and electronics for a chance at a new life.
  • Craigslist,

The City of Toronto hosts yearly Community Environment Days in the Spring and Summer which offers dozens of ways to support the 4 R’s.  You can donate sporting goods, textiles, household items, books, costume jewellery, arts and crafts supplies, and much more.

For more information on how you can clear out and clean up your home, check out the City of Toronto Waste Wizard at

Article by Don Mills resident, Rob Grand

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